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Vote these Bailout Bandits Out of Office

A list of Congressman who voted in favor of “bailout”.


Abercrombie [D-HI] Foster [D-IL] Pallone [D-NJ]
Ackerman [D-NY] Frank [D-MA] Pascrell [D-NJ]
Alexander [R-LA] Frelinghuysen[R-NJ] Pastor [D-AZ]
Allen [D-ME] Gerlach [R-PA] Pelosi [D-CA]
Andrews [D-NJ] Giffords [D-AZ] Perlmutter [D-CO]
Arcuri [D-NY] Gilchrest [R-MD] Peterson [R-PA]
Baca [D-CA] Gonzalez [D-TX] Pickering [R-MS]
Bachus [R-AL] Gordon [D-TN] Pomeroy [D-ND]
Baird [D-WA] Granger [R-TX] Porter [R-NV]
Baldwin [D-WI] Green, Al [D-TX] Price [D-NC]
Barrett [R-SC] Gutierrez [D-IL] Pryce [R-OH]
Bean [D-IL] Hall [D-NY] Putnam [R-FL]
Berkley [D-NV] Hare [D-IL] Radanovich [R-CA]
Berman [D-CA] Harman [D-CA] Rahall [D-WV]
Berry [D-AR] Hastings [D-FL] Ramstad [R-MN]
Biggert [R-IL] Herger [R-CA] Rangel [D-NY]
Bishop [D-GA] Higgins [D-NY] Regula [R-OH]
Bishop [D-NY] Hinojosa [D-TX] Reyes [D-TX]
Blunt [R-MO] Hirono [D-HI] Reynolds [R-NY]
Boehner [R-OH] Hobson [R-OH] Richardson [D-CA]
Bonner [R-AL] Hoekstra [R-MI] Rogers [R-AL]
Bono Mack [R-CA] Holt [D-NJ] Rogers [R-KY]
Boozman [R-AR] Honda [D-CA] Ros-Lehtinen [R-FL]
Boren [D-OK] Hooley [D-OR] Ross [D-AR]
Boswell [D-IA] Hoyer [D-MD] Ruppersberger [D-MD]
Boucher [D-VA] Inglis [R-SC] Rush [D-IL]
Boustany [R-LA] Israel [D-NY] Ryan [D-OH]
Boyd [D-FL] Jackson [D-IL] Ryan [R-WI]
Brady [R-PA] Jackson-Lee [D-TX] Sarbanes [D-MD]
Brady Kevin [R-TX] Johnson, E. B. [D-TX] Saxton [R-NJ]
Braley [D-IA] Kanjorski [D-PA] Schakowsky [D-IL]
Brown [R-SC] Kennedy [D-RI] Schiff [D-CA]
Brown, Corrine [D-FL] Kildee [D-MI] Schmidt [R-OH]
Buchanan [R-FL] Kilpatrick [D-MI] Schwartz [D-PA]
Calvert [R-CA] Kind [D-WI] Scott [D-GA]
Camp [R-MI] King [R-NY] Sessions [R-TX]
Campbell [R-CA] Kirk [R-IL] Sestak [D-PA]
Cannon [R-UT] Klein [D-FL] Shadegg [R-AZ]
Cantor [R-VA] Kline [R-MN] Shays [R-CT]
Capps [D-CA] Knollenberg [R-MI] Shuster [R-PA]
Capuano [D-MA] Kuhl [R-NY] Simpson [R-ID]
Cardoza [D-CA] LaHood [R-IL] Sires [D-NJ]
Carnahan [D-MO] Langevin [D-RI] Skelton [D-MO]
Carson [D-IN] Larsen [D-WA] Slaughter [D-NY]
Castle [R-DE] Larson [D-CT] Smith [R-TX]
Clarke [D-NY] Lee [D-CA] Smith [D-WA]
Cleaver [D-MO] Levin [D-MI] Snyder [D-AR]
Clyburn [D-SC] Lewis [R-CA] Solis [D-CA]
Coble [R-NC] Lewis [D-GA] Souder [R-IN]
Cohen [D-TN] Lewis [R-KY] Space [D-OH]
Cole [R-OK] Loebsack [D-IA] Speier [D-CA]
Conaway [R-TX] Lofgren [D-CA] Spratt [D-SC]
Cooper [D-TN] Lowey [D-NY] Sullivan [R-OK]
Costa [D-CA] Lungren [R-CA] Sutton [D-OH]
Cramer [D-AL] Mahoney [D-FL] Tancredo [R-CO]
Crenshaw [R-FL] Maloney [D-NY] Tanner [D-TN]
Crowley [D-NY] Markey [D-MA] Tauscher [D-CA]
Cubin [R-WY] Marshall [D-GA] Terry [R-NE]
Cuellar [D-TX] Matsui [D-CA] Thompson [D-CA]
Cummings [D-MD] McCarthy [D-NY] Thornberry [R-TX]
Davis [D-AL] McCollum [D-MN] Tiberi [R-OH]
Davis [D-CA] McCrery [R-LA] Tierney [D-MA]
Davis [D-IL] McGovern [D-MA] Towns [D-NY]
Davis, Tom [R-VA] McHugh [R-NY] Tsongas [D-MA]
DeGette [D-CO] McKeon [R-CA] Upton [R-MI]
DeLauro [D-CT] McNerney [D-CA] Van Hollen [D-MD]
Dent [R-PA] McNulty [D-NY] Velázquez- [D-NY]
Dicks [D-WA] Meek [D-FL] Walden [R-OR]
Dingell [D-MI] Meeks [D-NY] Walsh [R-NY]
Donnelly [D-IN] Melancon [D-LA] Wamp [R-TN]
Doyle [D-PA] Miller [D-NC] Wasserman Schultz [D-FL]
Dreier [R-CA] Miller, Gary [R-CA] Waters [D-CA]
Edwards [D-MD] Miller, George [D-CA] Watson[D-CA]
Edwards [D-TX] Mitchell [D-AZ] Watt [D-NC]
Ehlers [R-MI] Mollohan [D-WV] Waxman [D-CA]
Ellison [D-MN] Moore [D-KS] Weiner [D-NY]
Ellsworth [D-IN] Moore [D-WI] Welch [D-VT]
Emanuel [D-IL] Moran [D-VA] Weldon [R-FL]
Emerson [R-MO] Murphy [D-CT] Weller [R-IL]
Engel [D-NY] Murphy, Patrick [D-PA] Wexler [D-FL]
Eshoo [D-CA] Murtha [D-PA] Wilson [R-NM]
Etheridge [D-NC] Myrick [R-NC] Wilson [D-OH]
Everett [R-AL] Nadler [D-NY] Wilson [R-SC]
Fallin [R-OK] Neal [D-MA] Wolf [R-VA]
Farr [D-CA] Oberstar [D-MN] Woolsey [D-CA]
Fattah [D-PA] Obey [D-WI] Wu [D-OR]
Ferguson [R-NJ] Olver [D-MA] Yarmuth [D-KY]
Fossella [R-NY] Ortiz [D-TX]

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McBama – No Difference – Dedicated to Socialism

The main stream media and the powers that be like to come up with a dog and pony show every four years, convince voters that they have a choice, that they need to make a decision. While everyone gets caught up in “he said, she said”, the real issues stay undercover.

Both of these clowns sold out America. If you have been caught up in the lipstick, Reverend Wright, Troopergate nonsense you have been played like a fiddle. The big scam happened underneath your nose while you were toiling with trivia.

We took your money!

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CNBC Socialists and Fear Mongers

In his Communist Manifesto, published in 1848, Karl Marx proposed 10 measures to be implemented after the proletariat takes power, with the aim of centralizing all instruments of production in the hands of the state. Proposal Number Five was to bring about the “centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.”

Some of the new Marxists:

Maria “mata hari” Bartiromo

Maria has been pushing all the “push the bailout” buttons that she can muster. I used to like you Maria, now I see you are just a snob elitist, a danger to working Americans.

Larry “comrade” Kudlow

Mr. Free market went socialist on a dime.  At least for now he’s even stopped using his signature sign off phrase “Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity!”. Just another flake who is out to harm you and your pocketbook.

Dylan “Che” Ratigan

Fear Meister extraordinaire! Fast money as long as its your money.

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King Henry Paulson

“Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.”

He who controls the gold, makes the rules.

King Henry Paulson attempted nothing less than a financial monarchy, ruling with taxpayer money and no oversight.

Nice try Henry, I’m sure your Goldman buddies along with Warren Buffett (another newly discovered socialist) are toasting your failed coup attempt and cheering you on for round two but fortunately for the American people, you were called out for what you are; a financial predator whose lust is never satisfied.

It was not enough for you to create, trade and profit from all the magic paper you created at Goldman, now you want the keys to the U.S. Treasury.

You definitely have moxie Henry but you are so busted. Resign now.



King Henry got his Monarchy.

Long live the King!

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