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Rick Santelli – Standing up to the Goon Squad


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Support These Congressman – They voted no to Bailout Scam


Thank you ladies and gentlemen for standing up to Wall Street predators.

Aderholt [R-AL] Gohmert [R-TX] Moran [R-KS]
Akin [R-MO] Goode [R-VA] Murphy, Tim [D-PA]
Altmire [D-PA] Goodlatte [R-VA] Musgrave [R-CO]
Bachmann [R-MN] Graves [R-MO] Napolitano [D-CA]
Barrow [D-GA] Green, Gene [D-TX] Neugebauer [R-TX]
Bartlett [R-MD] Grijalva [D-AZ] Nunes [R-CA]
Barton [R-TX] Hall [R-TX] Paul [R-TX]
Becerra [D-CA] Hastings [R-WA] Payne [D-NJ]
Bilbray [R-CA] Hayes [R-NC] Pearce [R-NM]
Bilirakis [R-FL] Heller [R-NV] Pence [R-IN]
Bishop [R-UT] Hensarling [R-TX] Peterson [D-MN]
Blackburn [R-TN] Herseth Sandlin [D-SD] Petri [R-WI]
Blumenauer [D-OR] Hill [D-IN] Pitts [R-PA]
Boyda [D-KS] Hinchey [D-NY] Platts [R-PA]
Broun [R-GA] Hodes [D-NH] Poe [R-TX]
Brown-Waite [R-FL] Holden [D-PA] Price [R-GA]
Burgess [R-TX] Hulshof [R-MO] Rehberg [R-MT]
Burton [R-IN] Hunter [R-CA] Reichert [R-WA]
Butterfield [D-NC] Inslee [D-WA] Renzi [R-AZ]
Buyer [R-IN] Issa [R-CA] Rodriguez [D-TX]
Capito [R-WV] Jefferson [D-LA] Rogers [R-MI]
Carney [D-PA] Johnson [D-GA] Rohrabacher [R-CA]
Carter [R-TX] Johnson [R-IL] Roskam [R-IL]
Castor [D-FL] Johnson, Sam [R-TX] Rothman [D-NJ]
Cazayoux [D-LA] Jones [R-NC] Roybal-Allard [D-CA]
Chabot [R-OH] Jordan [R-OH] Royce [R-CA]
Chandler [D-KY] Kagen [D-WI] Salazar [D-CO]
Childers [D-MS] Kaptur [D-OH] Sali [R-ID]
Clay [D-MO] Keller [R-FL] Sánchez, Linda T. [D-CA]
Conyers [D-MI] King [R-IA] Sanchez, Loretta [D-CA]
Costello [D-IL] Kingston [R-GA] Scalise [R-LA]
Courtney [D-CT] Kucinich [D-OH] Scott [D-VA]
Culberson [R-TX] Lamborn [R-CO] Sensenbrenner [R-WI]
Davis [R-KY] Lampson [D-TX] Serrano [D-NY]
Davis, David [R-TN] Latham [R-IA] Shea-Porter [D-NH]
Davis, Lincoln [D-TN] LaTourette [R-OH] Sherman [D-CA]
Deal [R-GA] Latta [R-OH] Shimkus [R-IL]
DeFazio [D-OR] Linder [R-GA] Shuler [D-NC]
Delahunt [D-MA] Lipinski [D-IL] Smith [R-NE]
Diaz-Balart, L. [R-FL] LoBiondo [R-NJ] Smith [R-NJ]
Diaz-Balart, M. [R-FL] Lucas [R-OK] Stark [D-CA]
Doggett [D-TX] Lynch [D-MA] Stearns [R-FL]
Doolittle [R-CA] Mack [R-FL] Stupak [D-MI]
Drake [R-VA] Manzullo [R-IL] Taylor [D-MS]
Duncan [R-TN] Marchant [R-TX] Thompson [D-MS]
English [R-PA] Matheson [D-UT] Tiahrt [R-KS]
Feeney [R-FL] McCarthy [R-CA] Turner [R-OH]
Filner [D-CA] McCaul [R-TX] Udall [D-CO]
Flake [R-AZ] McCotter [R-MI] Udall [D-NM]
Forbes [R-VA] McDermott [D-WA] Visclosky [D-IN]
Fortenberry [R-NE] McHenry [R-NC] Walberg [R-MI]
Foxx [R-NC] McIntyre [D-NC] Walz [D-MN]
Franks [R-AZ] McMorris Rodgers [R-WA] Westmoreland [R-GA]
Gallegly [R-CA] Mica [R-FL] Whitfield [R-KY]
Garrett [R-NJ] Michaud [D-ME] Wittman [R-VA]
Gillibrand [D-NY] Miller [R-FL] Young [R-AK]
Gingrey [R-GA] Miller [R-MI] Young [R-FL]

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Marcy Kaptur – We need more like her

“The normal legislative process has been shelved. Only a few insiders are doing the dealing, sounds like insider trading to me. These criminals have so much political power than can shut down the normal legislative process of the highest law making body of this land,” Kaptur concluded.

“We are Constitutionally sworn to protect and defend this Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. And my friends there are enemies,” Kaptur told the House floor.

“The people pushing this deal are the very ones who are responsible for the implosion on Wall Street. They were fraudulent then and they are fraudulent now.”

“My message to the American people don’t let Congress seal this deal. High financial crimes have been committed,” added the Democrat from Ohio.

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Senators who voted No to Wall Street Welfare

Thanks to the following.

If you get a chance send these guys and gals a thank you note/email or note. And make sure to remember them come election time.

Allard (R)
Barasso  (R)
Brownback  (R)
Bunning (R)
Cantwell (D)
Cochran (R)
Crapo (R)
DeMint (R)
Dole (R)
Dorgan (D)
Enzi (R)
Feingold (D)
Inhofe (R)
Johnson (D)
Landrieu (D)
Nelson (FL) (D)
Roberts (R)
Sanders (I)
Sessions (R)
Shelby (R)
Stabenow (D)
Tester (D)
Vitter (R)
Wicker (R)
Wyden (D)

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