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TARP , TALF , PPIP = FAIL Final Stimulus Measure = WAR

Ben Bernanke is shooting blanks, his bluff has been called. The last resort to protect the US Dollar is the US Military. While much is made of defending the value of the dollar for the sake of the US taxpayer, it is smoke and mirrors, the elite don’t care about what you can buy with a dollar, they are only interested in maintaining the dollar as the de facto world reserve currency (paper gold), this is what keeps them in power.

The Bluffing going on in the debt markets has been called, US debt is worthless. Nations are no longer playing the game of paper charades with the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank. The administration will soon be unable to finance the vast empire that has become the USA, it stands to lose its influence and power. So, while herculean efforts have been made to prop up a hobbled economy with market manipulations that run under the guise of TARP, TALF, PPIP and other silly acronyms, there is one last card to be played: WAR.

China Warns



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