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Police State – 10% of Adult Texans Have Arrest Warrants

In lieu of taxes, cities and municipalities in Texas have resorted to traffic laws as a means of extortion.

Working on the Chain Gang

A couple of weeks ago, the local paper printed names of El Pasoans with outstanding arrest warrants. 78,000 El Pasoans made the paper! What’s going on here?

Here are the facts. Of the 78,000 almost all are for moving violations. In fact, most are violations of the Texas Driver Responsibility Act of 2003.


There oughta be a law…



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TARP , TALF , PPIP = FAIL Final Stimulus Measure = WAR

Ben Bernanke is shooting blanks, his bluff has been called. The last resort to protect the US Dollar is the US Military. While much is made of defending the value of the dollar for the sake of the US taxpayer, it is smoke and mirrors, the elite don’t care about what you can buy with a dollar, they are only interested in maintaining the dollar as the de facto world reserve currency (paper gold), this is what keeps them in power.

The Bluffing going on in the debt markets has been called, US debt is worthless. Nations are no longer playing the game of paper charades with the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank. The administration will soon be unable to finance the vast empire that has become the USA, it stands to lose its influence and power. So, while herculean efforts have been made to prop up a hobbled economy with market manipulations that run under the guise of TARP, TALF, PPIP and other silly acronyms, there is one last card to be played: WAR.

China Warns


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Fraud is The New Black – We Are a Banana Republic

Bernanke, Paulson and Lewis should be in jail, under indictment for securities fraud. According to New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s letter to the SEC and Senate Banking Committee on the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch Merger The three men conspired to keep investors in the dark as to the truth in regards to Merill Lynch’s deteriorating financial condition. This caused huge losses to stockholders of Bank of America. The stockholders are the “little people”, why should they get truthful information from the Federal Reserve, The US Government or the Company CEO. Because only little people take it on the chin when the elite need to line their pockets.

What the three men did is illegal.

Link to Cuomo inquiry.

Much has been said about how when the Federal Reserve prints dollars and creates money out of thin air, we will get hyper-inflation. Our economy will be like a banana republic. The truth is that when the powerful elite are above the law, we are not acting like a banana republic, we are one. When the rule of law is set aside, capital needed to restore the economy flees. The reason banana republics never make headway is because they are corrupt. Currency issues, inflation, even hyper-inflation can be remedied but when there is lawlessness, the investor has no safe haven, anywhere. Would you invest in an economy where rules don’t matter? Put your dollars into Somalia, Venezuela, Mexico? Probably not and the reason is because of widespread fraud, your investment simply wouldn’t be safe. Be prepared for worse, much worse as sophisticated investors continue to withdraw from our dying economy.


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Government Motors – Maybe China will Take Cars

government-motorsNote to Messrs. Bernanke and “Tax Cheat” Timmy Geithner:

Now that your bond auctions are failing due to the Chinese not wanting anymore US Toilet Paper Treasury Bills, maybe you can start auctioning off cars and trucks.

You can offer the same financing you have given to the criminal banking syndicate: no money down, give us paper for collateral and keep the car for as long as you need, no payments necessary. And for the warranty you give the “Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner Warranty”: You will receive lifetime, unconditional repairs, even if you drive your vehicle off a cliff, we have you covered (forever).

From a recent Charlie Rose Interview:

CHARLIE ROSE: All right. So you’re confident that these banks will be able to go raise this capital over the six-month period.
TIM GEITHNER: I’m reasonably confident. And they have a range of ways they can do it.
CHARLIE ROSE: And if they don’t?
TIM GEITHNER: If they don’t, they can come to us and we’ll provide it.
CHARLIE ROSE: The government will provide it.
TIM GEITHNER: That’s right.

This is crazy, I can’t believe the guy is saying this on national television.

You see, banks can drive their car off the cliff with out-sized risk, fraud and mismanagement and the government (you the taxpayer), will “take care of it”. Now that’s what I call a warranty!

Link to Charlie Rose/Geithner Interview

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