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A Real Stimulus -Tar and Feathers

While Obama and “Tax Cheat Timmy” Geithner roll out more solutions to float their financial predator buddies, there is only one solution. The financial predators that pillaged the system over the last few decades need to return their ill-gotten gains. They won’t do this voluntarily. They will do this only if given proper incentive:



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The Greenspan Bubble – Get Out Now

Here is the bubble that is deflating, it was caused by Greenspan, Congress, Financial Wizards on Wall Street and every other predator that had their hand in the cheap money till. We are looking at a massive correction ahead, the reality is a Dow 2800. If you have money in the market, take it out, do not listen to the bobble head thieves on CNBC or anyone else who have only their own interests at stake and have no qualms whatsoever in causing poverty to come on your house. Do not listen to the Bull being spouted like “we are putting in a bottom”, “stocks are cheap here”, etc, etc.. You will be cleaned out if you take their advice. Go into cash and do it NOW.

The chart below illustrates where we are going (2800 Dow):


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Rick Santelli – Standing up to the Goon Squad

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